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We specialize in providing the perfect collections of desert plants in Maricopa, AZ. At Desert Plant Collection, Nursery, we feel continuously engaged by the plants seen here in our state. You cannot find these types of wildlife anywhere else in the world. It seems impossible for a plant to not only survive, but also thrive in a desert setting: a location that has the most obdurate soil in the world and almost no water. Yet, extremely colorful and fascinating plants emerge in this seemingly inhospitable location.

Much like desert animals, desert plants have adapted to the extremes of aridity and heat by utilizing both behavioral and physical mechanisms. That is the source of our fascination with these types of plants, and that fascination motivates us to grow and observe these plants in our very own herbarium. Our thirst for knowledge about these unique specimens is unquenchable.

Knowledge is the backbone of all of our services. It is how Desert Plant Collection, Nursery has the ability to grow and house the most exquisite and rare species of desert plants. Our capabilities are not limited to shrubs and flowers. Our state-of-the-art arboretum provides shelter for some of the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing trees. These add permanent structure to any design and provide exquisite shade from the harsh sun.

The horticulture experts here at Desert Plant Collection, Nursery are endlessly devoted to finding innovative ways to care and grow plants. It is what enables us to provide the best environment for desert vegetation to grow and thrive. There is no better collection of landscape plants and desert garden plants, so we can improve any exterior or garden.

You can view or desert plants today. Get in touch with Desert Plant Collection, Nursery immediately to find out how.

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