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We are the most reliable and passionate wholesale retail nursery in Maricopa, AZ. Since Desert Plant Collection, Nursery has been in business, we have been operating as the number one caretaker and provider of desert plants. The quality of our products is matched only by their uniqueness. Our nursery is as vibrantly colorful as a paint store.

We welcome the opportunity to showcase our expertise and gardener skills to any potential customers. We are lucky that we work in an industry where our hard work and dedication is so visually evident, and we proudly display it. Desert Plant Collection, Nursery is now offering the opportunity for you to display your good taste in design. Once you adorn your home with a selection of our desert plants, you will have a confidence in the look and feel of your home you never thought possible.

As an expert provider of gardener services, we have built the most impressive plant nursery in the area. Despite the success we have achieved, we are always looking to educate ourselves on the industry and the natural plant life of our environment. As hard as it is to believe, there are species of plants surrounding us that no one has identified. We continuously research new breakthroughs in the horticulture community so we can use more innovative practices and inventory.

Our collection of shrubs is perfect to adorn front yards and patios. These small plants are incredibly easy to maintain and can be seamlessly integrated into any style of home. They are extremely varied in shape and color. For the more ambitious clients, our selection of trees will give your home a set piece that garners a lot of attention from passersby. No matter what your gardening needs are, Desert Plant Collection, Nursery will give you all the knowledge and tools to be successful.

There is no better representation of Arizona plants anywhere else. If you would like to see our exquisite nursery, make an appointment with Desert Plant Collection, Nursery as soon as possible!

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